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Recipes from my vegetable garden mini cookbook.jpg
Recipes from my Vegetable Garden

Book eight
Vegetables have been underrated, overcooked and relegated to the side lines for far too long. This little book of ovo-lactose vegetarian recipes will restore respect for these natural and nutrient rich gems. Discover the magic of meatless meals.

What's on the braai?

Book two
Our best braai recipes, each thoroughly tested and clearly illustrated in full colour, with step-by-step photographs.

Koeke en Nageregte

Boek ses
Ons nooi jou uit om te begin bak! Met die hulp van ons koekmengsels.

Cakes and Desserts

Book six
Start baking with the help of our cake mixes and this little book, you can't go wrong: from muffins for breakfast, crispy biscuits for tea and cupcakes for all occasions, to kiddies' party treats, cake sale stunners and special occasion treats. Become known for your delicious Christmas cake and don't be daunted, even by a wedding cake!

What's for Supper?

Book one
Our best fish, chicken, mince, meat, pasta and vegetable recipes. All illustrated in full colour and thoroughly tested by Ina and her team of Home Economists.

What's Cooking?

Book three
What's Cooking? builds on the incredible success of What's for Supper?

Summer Food

Book four
Summer Food includes a selection of recipes from our website and features the most popular braais, weekday winners, special occasion treats, healthy salads and desserts for summer eating.

Supper's Ready

Book five
Supper's Ready includes a selection of recipes from our website and features delicious soups, stews, casseroles and some great vegetarian main and vegetable side dishes.

Supper's Up!

Book seven
Everyone looks forward to a delicious meal at the end of the day. Let this book inspire you to walk in the door at 6 and have a relaxed supper on the table around 7. Most recipes serve 4, but they can easily be halved.

Kos is op die tafel

Boek sewe
Almal sien uit na ?n heerlike ete aan die einde van die dag. Laat dié boek jou inspireer om sesuur by die voordeur in te stap en teen sewe-uur aan te sit vir ete. Die meeste resepte is genoeg vir 4 mense, maar dit kan maklik gehalveer word.

Cookbook8 1
Cooking with Ina / Pheka no Ina

The first Xhosa vs English Recipe Book
An easy guide to make communication between people from different language groups crystal clear. It also serves to empower the home cook and give training in cooking skills. Enjoy the delicious results at the dinner table.

Cook with inapaarman
Cook With Ina Paarman

This A4 cookbook is still a favourite 25 years since it was first published! It was written with a love of good food, a real understanding of cooking and the desire to share knowledge and ideas with you, the reader and customer. Chapters covered are starters, soups, fish & seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables, salads, outdoor entertaining, desserts and baking.

West coast cookbook
West Coast Cookbook

For many generations, the people of South Africa's Cape West Coast have been a fishing community but, following the rise of commercialisation, they are now confronted with the end of that tradition. The West Coast lifestyle has changed irrevocably, but to preserve one aspect of their tradition, the Bergrivier Vissersvrouevereniging, under the guidance of Ina Paarman, presents the West Coast Cookbook. Some of the recipes in the collection are very old and were born out of hardship and ingenuity often occasioned by the challenge of the sea. Included are memorable seafood dishes, delicious braai and meat recipes, soups that make you long for times past.

Weskus Kos

Ina sê:

Ek stem heelhartig saam met die filosofie van die beroemde Italiaanse kosskrywer, Pellgrino Artussi, wat sê: "Die goud van Italiaanse kookuns rus in die hande van ons moeders en grootmoeders." Dieselfde kan van die vissersvroue aan die Kaapse Weskus gesê word.Hulle is voorwaar ń uitsonderlike geslag opregte koskenners! Weskuskos omsluit ń belangrike aspek van Suid-Afrikaanse tradisionele kookkuns. My rol was om te verseker dat ń hoë professionele standard gehandhaaf word en om te help met die kies en toets van resepte. Die evaring was uiters bevredigend en goed vir die siel. Hierdie boek bevat eenvoudige geregte - maar wanneer dit met sorg voorberei word is die kos waarlik besonders. Die boek bied heerlike seekos geregte, braai treffers en ook vleisgeregte. Die sop en viskookie resepte herinner aan fynproewer geregte uit die verlede.

Inapaarmans realfood
Real Food For Real People

First published in 1994, Real Food for Real People is much more than a cookery book. A book that takes a holistic approach to cooking, eating, good nutrition and entertaining. Chapters covered are starters, soups, fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, salads, cereals/pasta/grains, patio fare, desserts and baking. A section on entertaining will help you with seasonal selection; organising and planning functions; table settings and seating.