What's for supper tonight?

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Junior Chef

Christmas Trees

These little trees are so easy to make! An ideal holiday project for the children. The Red Velvet Cake contrasts beautifully with the green tinted ...


Ina's Choice

Lemon Meringue Pie

I just love this pie. It is much lighter and lovelier than the usual condensed milk variety. The meringue is feather light and will never weep suga...

SERVES 8 - 10

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Weeknite Winner

Flavourful Frikkadels

A lovely frikkadel recipe with a bacon twist, baked in a delicious tomato sauce. Our tasters raved about it. Do check out the tip at the end of the...

SERVES Makes 18

Top 10 recipes

Tried and tested favourites!

These are the very best Weeknite Winner recipes which we have put together for the month of November. All the ingredients are seasonal and create some wonderful flavour combinations.